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Sark & Friends (Page Title Not Changed)

The Adventures Of Sark & Friends Is A Upcoming Youtube Series By Benjamin Tuckett, Which Is Going To Be Based On Disney's Tron Evolution, Wargames Defcon 1 & Anastasia. Ben Tuckett Is The Creator Of This Series Which Will Run From 2013 Or 2014 Until 2021. This Series Is Aiming At 5 Seasons With 100 Episodes In Length.


Benjamin Tuckett as The Following (Character & Vehicle [The Males Speak English, German & Russian, And Can Carry Any Weapon They Like The Best]):

Colonel - Commodant Sark: The Leader & Ruler Of The United Socialist Soviet Republic State Of Hellven & It's Army. He Is A Comedian, But He's More Better Off With His Wife Anastasia & Likes To Enjoy His Time With Anything. Vehicle: Tri-Bike (Also Voiced By Ben)

Colonel Charlie: (Sark's Cannabalistic Brother), He Always Thinks His Ears Are Homosexual, But [It's Not]. He Likes Nail Saloons & Innocent Babies. Vehicle: M.K-III Walker (Voiced By Ben)

Colonel Joseph: (Sark's More Serious & More Entertaining Brother). He Is One Of Sark's Best Assassins & Always Is Ordered To Assassinate Any Enemy Nearby. He Is Mostly Noticeable For Any Phrases He Uses. [Using Any Word Before, Or After That]. Joseph & Ridgeway Work Together. Vehicle: Slayer Tank (Ben Voices The Tank)

General Zulu: (Sark's Crazy Brother & More Funny To Hang Out With). He Hates Faggola's & Ponies, & Determines Who Is He [Zulu] Gonna Tell To "SHUT YOUR FACE, Who's A Boot & Who's Gay. Vehicle: M.K-4 Walker (With Upgrades, Voiced By Ben)

General Ridgeway: (Sark's Best Brother & The Best Bomber Pilot Of Sark's Air Force). Ridgeway Flies A Bomber & Whenever Sark Needs Bombing Runs, He Calls Upon Ridgeway To Complete The Mission. He Somehow Fell In Love With Ms. Barron, But Zulu Accidentaly Slapped Him Hard [Knocking Ridgeway Out]. He Currently Narrates The Series. Vehicle: V-Tol Aircraft

Lieutenant Whiskey: (Sark's Drunk & Scottish Grenade & Rocket Launching Brother). Whenever Sark Wants Something, Or An Enemy Destroyed, He Calls Whiskey To Blow Some Notes On Anyone, Or Anything Needed Destroyed. He Heavily Drinks Wolfschmidt Vodka Borzoi Russian Wolfhound [A Russian Alcohol] Vehicle: M.K-5 Walker (Upgraded)

Captain Romeo: (Sark's #1 Tech Geek, & Brother In The World). Whenever Sark Needs Co-Ordinates, Enemy Data Hacked Into, Or Anything That Depends On C.G.I, Romeo Is There. Romeo Also Is A Computer Hacker As Well. Vehicle: Godzilla Size Navy Ship (Voiced By Ben Tuckett)

Female Voice Roles (Determined By Ben Which Female Will Do These Roles)

Unknown Actress as Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Hellven: (Sark's Wife & Ruler Of The U.S.S.R.S Of Hellven). She Is A Very Much Fun Lady To Hang Out With & Is Friendly & Most Kind. She Has To Get Away From Some People, But She Hangs Out With Sark The Most.

Unknown Actress as Ms. Hailley Grier: (She Is Sark & His Brother's Teacher In Technology Class). She Gets Tempted By Zulu's Stupidity, But She Falls In Love With Colonel-Commodant Sark

Unknown Actress as Ms. Nicole Simpson: (She Is Sark & His Brothers History Teacher & Best Translator Ever). Romeo Is The Only Person To Fall In Love With Her, But He Has To Avoid Whiskey's Drunk Attitude & Zulus Chipmunk Voice First.

Unknown Actress as Ms. Shay Barron: (She Is Sark & His Brothers Most Attractive Social Teacher). She Can Read Poems, Give Out Quizzes (Even Tests) & Mostly, Despises The Brothers Sexuality Towards Any Woman They Find (Except For Sark). She Is In Love (SERIOUS LOVE) With Sark, But Must Avoid Ms. Grier & Anastasia For Him.

Unknown Actress as Ms. Taylor Cook: (She Is Sark & His Brothers Math Teacher, And Mostly Knows All Levels Of Math). She Is A Psycopathic Magician & Will Get Angry, & If She Got Really Angry With The Brothers Attitude, Any Room, Or Place Will Explode.

Other Voices Will Have Their Respective Roles As: Dyson, Tron, Kevin Flynn, etc. (Expansion Is Determined By Creator).


Unknown Plot, But The Character Design & Plot Is Being Made Up By The Creator.


Episode 1: Operation: DINO-FIGHT

Episode 2: Fork In the Road

(The Rest Determined By Creator)

Credits (Expansion Determined Later)

Created, Written & Directed By: Benjamin Tuckett

Music Composed By: Ben Tuckett, David Newman, Kevin Macleod & Much More (Determined By Creator)

Production Company: Ben Tuckett Productions inc, Tornado Entertainment Group, Conway Street Productions Inc, Interglobal Home Video

Distribution Company: Conway Street Productions Inc & Interglobal Home Video

Soundtrack Label: Tornado Entertainment Group & Conway Street Records.

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